Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of club is the NPC?

The NPC is a caving club aimed at those wishing to pursue sporting caving primarily in the north of England (but with many meets elsewhere in the UK and overseas too). We are also a club of exploration, actively seeking out new cave discovery. We also promote other outdoor activities including walking, cycling and climbing across the Northern Pennine region.

What kind of caving trips do the NPC run?

We run sporting trips to all the classic caves around the Yorkshire Dales (ranging from simple trips to more challenging adventures) as well as to other caving regions of the UK. We have members with a wide variety of knowledge and experience to draw upon to allow us to organise a diverse selection of adventures. We also have at least two overseas trips each year, France being a very popular destination owing to the excellent caves and fine wine!

How are NPC trips organised?

At the start of each year the Meets Secretary will publish a list of planned meets. The first full weekend of each month is often the most popular as this is the Committee meeting weekend, however, meets will be arranged for at least one other weekend each month if not more. Come to Greenclose for the weekend, or simply turn up before 9:30am on the day of the trip. If coming mid-month, it is recommended to use the online club members’ forum to make arrangements and plans with other members, however, for Committee meeting weekends, simply turn up and you can be guaranteed that a trip will be happening.

What equipment does the NPC own?

The NPC owns an extensive selection of SRT ropes, tackle bags, karabiners, slings and all the other equipment you would expect of a caving club. This is available for use by members and is stored in a dedicated storeroom at Greenclose. The club does not provide personal caving equipment (oversuits, undersuits, SRT kits, helmets, lights etc). The club owns an extensive caving library with magazines, journals and periodicals dating back several decades.

What facilities does Greenclose offer?

See our Greenclose page for more information.

Can I stay at Greenclose? Can I bring a friend?

All members are welcome to stay at Greenclose with no pre-booking required.

During your time as a probationary member, all guests must be booked in advance with the Booking Secretary, but once you are a full member you can bring up to two guests without prior booking; the ideal opportunity to get your friends involved in the club!

Greenclose also welcomes bookings from other like-minded caving or outdoor clubs. Please contact the booking secretary for more information or see our Greenclose page.

What experience do I need?

Unlike some other Dales clubs, the NPC does not have any on-site training facilities at Greenclose, nor do we run any dedicated novice events or training sessions. Therefore, it is preferable that new members have some prior caving experience, or a connection to an existing member who is willing to personally support you during your training.

What is expected of me as a member?

Being an NPC member is very much what you make of it; however, we recommend that you get proactively involved in the clubs meets, and you come along to Greenclose to meet other members and get socially involved in the club too. Some of our members are regulars but others come along to just a couple of meets each year.

Why join the NPC instead of the many other Yorkshire Dales clubs?

The NPC is one of several large and excellent caving clubs situated around the Yorkshire Dales, and there is no answer to this question without being dismissive of our kindred clubs, with who we have excellent relations and many shared members. However, we feel that the warm welcome, the diverse range of trips on offer and the excellent facilities at Greenclose provide a very good reason why the NPC should be considered an excellent choice.

How do I get involved?

Many of our members start to get to know us as part of a visiting club or group, for example while visiting as part of a university club. Others may have heard about the NPC from friends or from our history. Either way, get in touch with us, and fill in a probationary membership form. Once you are accepted as a probationary member, you are strongly encouraged to come to Greenclose on a Committee meeting weekend (the first weekend of a month, usually our busiest weekend) to meet other members, and to come on some underground trips. While at Greenclose you will get the chance to ask questions and see what the club has to offer. After a year as a probationary member, you can apply for full membership which grants you your own key to Greenclose, the tackle store and the club library.

How much does it cost?

See our membership page for more information on membership fees. Staying at Greenclose is priced at £8/night for non-members and £5/night for members.