NPC Meets and Events Diary

December 2018

Wednesday 26th 26th Tatham Wife Hole
Thursday 27th 27th Simpson's Pot / Swinsto Hole
Friday 28th 28th Lancaster Hole
Permit required and received.
Saturday 29th 29th Vesper Pot / Spectacle Pot
Sunday 30th 30th Rift Pot / Long Kin East
Permit received.
Monday 31st 31st Lost Johns'
Permit required and received.

January 2019

Tuesday 1st 1st Jockey Hole
Saturday 5th 5th Bar Pot/Stream Passage Pot
Sunday 6th 6th Little Hiull Pot
Friday 18th - 20th 18th SWCC OFD Contact Dave Hounslow
Limited numbers please contact Dave Hounslow if you intend to come
Contact: Dave H

February 2019

Saturday 2nd 2nd Notts Pot
Sunday 3rd 3rd Notts Pot 2
Saturday 23rd 23rd County Pot (Winter Dinner)

March 2019

Saturday 2nd 2nd Juniper Gulf
Sunday 3rd 3rd Shuttleworth Pot
Friday 15th - 17th 15th TSG Derbyshire Comtact Dave Hounslow
Limited places please contact Dave Hounslow
Contact: Dave H
Saturday 16th 16th Titan Shaft
Limited places please contact Dave Hounslow
Contact: Dave H
Sunday 17th 17th Giants Round Trip

April 2019

Saturday 6th 6th Magnetometer Pot
Sunday 7th 7th Aquamole Pot
Friday 19th 19th Black Shiver Pot
Saturday 20th 20th Hurnel Moss Pot
Sunday 21st 21st Gingling Hole
Monday 22nd 22nd Hardrawkin Pot

May 2019

Saturday 4th 4th Penyghent Pot
Sunday 5th 5th Cow Pot
Monday 6th 6th Bracken Bottom Pot