NPC Meets and Events Diary

March 2021

Thursday 11th 11th ONLINE TALK: Priest's Grotto - Part 2 - Chris Nicola
"Priest's Grotto - Part 2" presentation, This will in addition to giving some behind the scenes stories about the writing of the book and making of the movie, will also bring everyone up to date with what happened to the Survivors after they left the cave.
Contact: Dave H
Wednesday 17th 17th ONLINE TALK: Sweedish Caving- Mark Dougherty (online)
The caves and caving of Sweeden - A great destination once were allowed out again, from what I hear the caving here is superb and suitable for all levels, not to be missed
Contact: Darren
Wednesday 31st 31st ONLINE TALK: Lowland Slovenia: Ian Crossley
A look at the excellent caves of lowland Slovenia (aka not expedition alpine stuff) From personal experience this is an excellent place to visit included surprisingly deep and pretty pits, big mud filled chambers and plenty of Orm (Cave fish)
Contact: Darren