NPC Meets and Events Diary

April 2020

Friday 10th 10th CANCELLED COVID19 Box Head
Saturday 11th 11th CANCELLED COVID19 Bar Pot/Flood (Wades)
Sunday 12th 12th CANCELLED COVID19 King Pot
Monday 13th 13th CANCELLED COVID19 Lancaster Hole& Wretched Rabbit

May 2020

Saturday 2nd 2nd Hardrawkin Pot
Friday 8th 8th (Bank Holiday Friday!) Meregill
Saturday 9th 9th County Pot
Friday 15th - 17th 15th Family meet Contact: Jill
Saturday 16th - 31st 16th The Lot Contact: Clive
Saturday 23rd 23rd Long King East / Rift Pot

June 2020

Saturday 6th 6th Fairy Holes
Saturday 20th 20th Summer Dinner

July 2020

Saturday 4th 4th Penyghent Pot
Saturday 11th - 12th 11th Tigers Lakes Meet Contact: Tiger

August 2020

Saturday 1st 1st Robinsons Pot
Saturday 22nd - 6th Sep 22nd PIERRE SAINT-MARTIN
Provisional dates.

October 2020

Saturday 10th 10th NPC AGM
AGM at Clapham Village Hall
Contact: Fiona B
Friday 23rd 23rd Family meet Contact: Jill