The Chairman’s bit

It was great to see 50 people attend the Winter Dinner at the Whoop Hall including some new (at least to me) faces. The Whoop Hall turned out to be a great venue and I would like to thank Fiona once again for finding it and for her faultless organisation of the evening. The activities during the day saw 17 people descend either Lost Johns’ cavern or Committee Pot on Leck Fell and a further 10 descend Link Pot on Casterton Fell. The evening meal was rounded off with an inspirational talk given by our own Matt Ewells on the subject of recent and on-going cave exploration in North Yorkshire and I really hope that this has wet the appetites of enough members that we can continue the traditions of the founder club members and do some exploratory work ourselves. 

Thanks to everyone who came to the EGM which saw all of the proposed changes to the constitution passed. The main change has been that the committee posts will now be held by an individual for a maximum of 5 years and this will hopefully create a healthy turnaround of post holders. As ever, if you fancy serving on the committee in any way, or even just helping out with something, please don’t be shy…

We are now looking forward to our first overseas caving holiday of the year which will see a good number of members visit the Grands Causses area in the south of France for two weeks in May. This is an area which very few members have visited (at least recently) and if anyone wishes to join us, please ask Clive for the details.

The Summer Dinner details have been set and the venue is an area very close to my heart – probably one of the most picturesque places in Yorkshire with options for both underground exploration and all manner of above ground activities so if you can join us, please look for the details below. The meets list continues to be updated and there are usually wet weather options if the first choice trip is a washout. Please speak to Fran if there is anything you would like to see added.

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