Lakes Meet 2017

The Lakes meet this year was at Glenridding again. I missed last year’s event because I had to go into hospital. However I’ve made a full recovery and was raring to go. Kath and I arrived on Wednesday this time so we had 4 good days of walking, Thursday we went up Sheffield Pike. On Friday we walked back from Howtown along the lakeside path. Kat, Carly, Dave and Fiona with Rocky, Jean and Mark had arrived by then and they went off up Place Fell. Clive, Geoff and Pinky, and Thelma arrived Friday evening. On Saturday and in glorious sunshine the “A” team consisting of Dave, Fiona, Rocky, Kat, Carly, Clive, Jean, Mark, Thelma, Pinky and Geoff set off towards Sticks Pass and then all summits south to Dollywaggon Pike before returning to the campsite via Grisedale. Everyone said what a brilliant day they’d had. Kath and I with Becky had a pleasant stroll in to Grisedale, neither of us had ever been there before and we were very impressed by one of the Lakes lesser known gems. Sunday I think was a Pennine first; a bus trip! Pinky had worked out this “route march” sorry walk which involved taking the bus up to the top of Kirkstone Pass then walking via High Street back to the campsite! Clive, Thelma, Geoff and Pinky set off with the clouds round about shoulder height, wondering how the day would work out. Kat and Carly caught the steamer to Howtown and walked back along the lakeside path sampling the new tea shop at Lowther Barn along the way. Kath and I took the steamer to Pooley Bridge and walked back to Howtown, also sampling the new tea shop there as well. The bus trip arrived back after a very enjoyable day on the fell. The cloud lifted as the day wore on and they too ended up in a tea shop in Glenridding! All in all then the Lakes meet was a very successful event. We had some brilliant weather, excellent company and really good walking. Next year I think we’ll go back to Wasdale for the Lakes meet. Kath and I have already had a reccy and the NT campsite at Wasdale Head looks good, more details next year. In the meantime we are looking forward to going to France with the Pennine in September so have some happy caving.

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