NPC 75th Bash June 2022

In 2021, Northern Pennine Club reached our 75th Anniversary!

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the decision was made to postpone festivities for that year.

Although postponed, this major milestone for the club was definitely not forgotten, and on 10-12th June 2022, we held our belated celebration.

The weekend started with a relaxed evening of socialising at Greenclose, with some polypins of nice beer and the usual NPC ‘red wine and cheese’ customs. Having just returned from the May Ardeche trip, there was no shortage of good red wine. The hut was bustling with people, and it was really nice to see some members for who this was the first return to club events post-pandemic.

Saturday needed to be an efficient day for those going caving, and we achieved that nicely. While a few members went along to join the CNCC Committee meeting, the majority dispersed themselves through various potholes across the Yorkshire Dales. The callout board was full, with trips to Alum, Notts 2, Gaping Gill (Dihedral; an ambitious choice given the need to be back for 5pm) and others.

The evening main event was at Bentham Golf Club, which we first visited for our winter dinner in 2020 (pre-Covid), and were sufficiently impressed to return. The main function room is perfect for entertaining a group of 60-100 people.

After some arrival drinks, and a photoshoot outside (see main photo), we were treated to an excellent buffet meal and a great chance to mingle (just a very small selection of photos below, lots more on our gallery).

We were then entertained by our after-dinner speaker, Frank Pearson, who has been at the cutting edge of Yorkshire Dales exploration for many years, including some of the substantial recent discoveries at Mayday Hole and F’ing Hopeless Pot, plus the more recent work at Five Ways Pot on Dowlass Moss. Needless to say that we were all captivated… and motivated to push onwards with our own club digging project on Dowlass Moss.

Then onto the cutting of the cake by Tiger...

Finally, we had a Ceilidh band who did not disappoint, and managed to get around 30 of the attendees up onto the dance floor... sadly no photos of the dancing... because we were all dancing. We were slightly concerned that the caller, clad in unusually formal suit and hat, had just come from filming the next of the 'Men in Black' franchise. However, he was really rather good, if a bit bemused by the NPC exuberance and diversity!

The dancing continued to midnight and then drinking back at Greenclose to much later.

Sunday saw more caving and walking trips, followed by a tea-party in the afternoon, catered by Fiona who, it will come as no surprise, put on a magnificent spread! The cottage played host to about 35 people, including members who joined across all decades, even back to the 1940s!

It really was a magnificent weekend and beautifully organised. While several people were involved in making it a success, particular thanks must to to our Chair, Rachel (below, with Frank Pearson), who dealt with signup, organising the food, ceilidh, our after-dinner speaker, taxis, liaising with the venue and probably other things.

It was so nice to see members of all generations of the club out to celebrate. The NPC has gone from strength to strength over recent years, and has seen a substantial influx of new members, many coming from various student clubs. What with this and the upcoming extension, we’re all really excited for the future of the club, which has never seemed so secure.

Therefore, a toast to another 75 years (and more) of excellent caving and great friendship.

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