Member Weekend, 4-6 March

After two long years of Covid restrictions, many members hadn't seen each other for ages. Jack organised a members-only weekend to get folks back together, with caving etc in the day and a screening of "The Rescue" in the evening. Rick Stanton had even mentioned he might say a few words! In the end a good crowd showed their faces, with old and new members alike as well as welcome guests - though it turned out Rick was just teasing us and stayed well away.

As expected, the merriment went well into the night on Friday. Notts Pot, appropriately, was the cave on the cards for Saturday. The Adamson's and Twilight routes would be the lines of attack. With the rigging team swiftly dispatched and the derigging team shortly to follow, a splinter team slunk off to FOUL Pot on Fountains Fell. Despite sunshine, the wind on the tops was bracing, and I'm sure everyone deeply enjoyed the hot food obtained on their drive back to the cottage, be it fish and chips or Chinese takeaway. After a lot of chatter and even more time spent moving all the furniture around, the common room was turned into a cinema. At 1hr45min, The Rescue is a comparitively lengthy watch, and with all the socialising and the day's activities on top perhaps it's no surprise the party didn't last quite as long on Saturday. Sunday morning saw everyone play a lengthy game of car tetris in order to leave - a more pleasant scenario than usual, since it'd been two years since we'd last played.

Long may Greenclose be busy enough for car tetris!

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