Homage to Tigers Lakes Meets

This blog is an homage and honour of Tigers Lakes meets. I was wandering up to Stony Cove Pike a few weeks ago and thought I should put something together to honour of Tigers Meets. 

It was to be a trip to Wasdale again with us camping or vanning at The National Trust campsite nestled at Wasdale head, surrounded by Pillar, Yewbarrow, Great Gable, Scarfell, Illgill and a short wander for refreshments at the Pub. 

A couple of years ago we wandered up to Sty head, a group photo at the stretcher point in the mist, then along the Corridor route up on to Scarfell Pike, the mist was down so the view was lost but for a glimpse of blue sky when Tiger reached the top. I think I did it twice! Some of the team wandered up Great Gable, well tried, can’t remember if they did actually reach the top?

In 2019 the latest Tigers Lakes meet, some folk bumbled up Yewbarrow, Kat and I made up our own party up Pillar, Kat needing encouragement, I was going to leave her resting. We were followed by Pinky and Co. Meals at the pub, drinks in the sun. By the Sunday and a walk up to Burnmoor tarn, a bark at the waves, we had tired out our walking legs and it’s was too much excitement for Floss.

I had a weekend at Wasdale in September of this year, the Floss and myself, we bumbled up to the MRT stretcher point, bowed to say G’day – by the way it has just had an upgrade. What now, which direction? The first of the tourists “is this the corridor route?” “no wrong direction, where you heading?” pointed them in the right direction, they still went wrong! Floss and I head upwards Sprinkling Tarn, mmm the legs seem to be working okay, onwards and upward. The sillotes of humans in the distance on Scarfell Pike, no thanks been there with the NPC and we had a great day. So as we now have clear skies and stunning views let’s head to Great End and look down over Great Gable and remember the story of the “lost ones”. Before heading back via the grassy valley away from the rocky path, and lie in sun to look over to Yewbarrow, another fell another day. Some of the NPC climbed that one last year, apparently a bit steep coming down and Becky did some SRT. Thinking of future and rested and relaxed we head down towards the campsite, bow to the pub, think about it but there’s  beers at the van. Come across another tourist at the campsite carpark“ is this the way up Scarfell Pike?” “where’s your map? Its gonna be cold up there tonight! You got a map and compass?” we honour the Mountain rescue team, another busy summer. But what is it about a middle-aged women with grey hair and a border collie? Locals..

I have spent time bumbling around my local area of Ullswater and Glenridding, where I spend my teenage years, terrorising the tourists. Up Sheffield Pike twice, the other Hartside, Stybarrow etc. Often we have clag so it means no one is out so the fells, just one women and a collie so on one’s own.Time to stretch ones legs up to Grisedale tarn, so off we go, four legged Floss and 1, too windy and thick fog to go up Fairfield so a wander around the back of the tarn, where did you camp Clive this summer? Bit boggy around there. Back down on the path by the campsite, another bow to Tiger. Those who were on the last Glenridding Tigers Lakes trip, who remembers the NPC Ramblers (my name to the group as I couldn’t escape them even by walking slowly) taking the route up on to the Raise, along the Helvellyn Range, as I say I wasn’t walking with the NPC but they kept sitting down! Resting! Fantastic views, Thelma and I pointing out BowFell, the Langdales. We came down via Grisedale Tarn, I bowed to the stone ledge where Dave near urinated on Kat! Goodness that was a long valley to walk down, some went for ice cream, I think we found Clive drinking tea and eating biscuits with Kath and Tiger. 

So, to what prompted this homage a most recent the drive up Kirkstone pass, passing the many visitors’ cars, never seen it so busy, but it was a clear day. Thought we would do Stony Cove Pike, one on to do list, normally I’m on this route heading to work in Ambleside. I remember on that last Glenridding Lakes trip after the epic Saturday, the next day, Pinky taking a crew off on a route march, the bus to Kirkstone and a walk back to campsite along the tops, I had always wanted to do that route, Pinky planted the seed. One day when the buses are running again. By the way have you warmed up yet Geoff?

Looking forward to 2021 and Tigers Lakes meet, where you taking us?


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