Don't be sinking. Be drinking.

Having braved Black Shiver the previous day, we decided we deserved a day with increased food-consumption to caving ratio.

We each carried one tackle sack of some rope and SRT gear. Mine had extra weight of easy peelers, one for each caver plus a final one we placed at the entrance of Out Sleet's Beck. Rhys went inside the cave last — if we were to find the warning easy peeler inside the cave, he wanted to be first to get out. 

The slither into the cobblestone crawl at the bottom of Cascade Pot and the view through the window at the top of Deluge Pot were always a fun experience to me that was unique to Out Sleet's Beck. Along the way between the two, Rhys directed my attention to the fine "cauliflowers". What a short but delightful cave! At least for those who opted it that way. We were at the spot corresponding to where the description said "many cavers choose to turn around here". Rhys was very suseptible to cave passage ads, and wished to continue as "the passages beyond the canal are worth seeing". Dave and I, being smarter, were sceptical. The description went on cunningly in a separate paragraph: "The canal starts with an immediate neck-deep pool before narrowing to a passage with waist to chest deep water. This narrow canal zig zags for several metres." That would not be neck-deep for me, and I had no desire to be wedged submerged. Dave and I watched Rhys tested the water, which quickly became chest-level for him. As if the warning easy peeler was waiting for him around the corner, it was not long before he turned around vetoing against his own decision.

The ground was warm above. Though we had yet established practice to bring some cans or bottles to the cave entrance, I was getting more accustomed to planning sumptuous meals for small group trips. Eton mess with cherry ice cream from the local dairy shop, boardgames for interval, and finally local cheese and wine at a sunset spot surrounded by extended view, all the way to Pendle Hill in our background, to end the day.



All photo credits to Rhys Tyers.

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