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Northern Pennine Club

70 years exploring underground

The Northern Pennine Club (NPC) is one of the oldest and largest caving clubs in the UK. We were founded in 1946 and quickly became one of the most prolific clubs active in cave exploration in the north of England and further afield. The NPC have been responsible for many of the great caving discoveries in the Yorkshire Dales. Just some of our major discoveries include Penyghent Pot, Vesper Pot, Stream Passage Pot, Large Pot, Gavel Pot, Hammer Pot, Magnetometer Pot, the Notts II system, as well as many parts of the Ease Gill Caverns system. See our history page for more information.

Northern Pennine Club

Active and welcoming

Today we remain an extremely active caving club, with sporting trips on an almost weekly basis, and overseas caving holidays at least twice a year. Furthermore, new exploration continues today, both at home and abroad, with many members actively seeking new passages every week.

Although we are mainly a caving club, and this remains our primary focus, the NPC also has many members who venture underground infrequently, but instead form part of our active community of climbers, walkers and cyclists.

Northern Pennine Club

Great value accommodation in the Dales

The NPC has a large base at Greenclose, just outside of Clapham, that provides a focus for our activities, a store for the club ropes, and accommodation for both members and guests. Weekends at Greenclose are always vibrant, as cavers head off on various adventures, returning with tales to tell in the warmth and welcome of Greenclose.

The NPC spirit of exploration and adventure continues over 70 years since the club was founded and we welcome anyone interested in joining us.