NPC Meets and Events Diary

March 1st 2024

Member weekend (Ireby fell cavern and Hunt pot)

Join use to explore the lovely stringy Ireby fell cavern and because we are gluttons for punishment it's a short but stringy cave (Hunt pot) on the Sunday. Bring wine, cheese and see you all on the Friday night 😁

March 15th - 17th 2024

Derbyshire Weekend

It's time for the Pennie to visit the muddiest of the caving regions! Join us for a weekend in the Orpheus Caving Hut, we can't guarantee good weather but there will be sheep 🐑 and mud. Email for more info (don't sign up via the website this one time).

March 16th 2024


I am attending the CNCC AGM in the morning then aiming to either do some motorcycling or some caving afterwards. Give me a bell on 07490813543 if you are interested in one of these activities (WhatsApp works best)

April 5th - 7th 2024

Cottage Maintenance Weekend + Film showing + Caving

Ladies and Gentlemen it's time to give the cottage a bit of tender loving care, she's got a new extension and could do with a lick of paint and a good hover! Bring yourself, your best overalls and your caving gear. We are going to smash out some maintenance jobs, watch a film and hit up some caves. Don't forget the wine 🍷! Hope to see you all.

April 6th 2024

Film Showing) Explorer: The Deepest Cave

"Munch munch", sorry you caught me eating popcorn and watching an excellent caving documentary film! 🎥 Well seeing as you are here now, I suppose I should tell you about it.... (Renowned caver Bill Stone is on a lifelong quest to go deeper beneath the earth than any human has ever ventured. Deep in the unexplored depths of Cheve Cave in Mexico, his goal is to set a new world record by finding a passage beyond a depth of 7,208 feet, proving once and for all his theory that Cheve is the deepest cave in the world. The expedition has been compared to climbing Everest - but in reverse. The three-month underground journey is a dangerous and highly technical adventure through over 12 miles of tight, twisting passages. The pressure to conquer the cave will push Bill and the team to the absolute limits of survival and sanity.) I look forward to seeing you all at the showing, bring your own snacks (you don't even need to sneak them past the bouncers!).

May 3rd - 5th 2024

Members Weekend: (Rift pot -> Long kin eat + Pillar Holes)

Time to get excited people, it's the perfect week for an exchange trip extravaganza. Join us for Rift pot to long kin east on the Saturday and then some fun little exchanges down pillar holes on the Sunday. Bring yourself and get ready to exchange wine and antipasto on the Friday and Saturday nights. See you there.

May 18th - June 1st 2024

Pennine France trip 2024: Herault

For the next Pennine trip to France we're going to the Herault,a region of some repute for its caves,cheese and wine.If you are interested,please contact Clive -

May 31st - June 2nd 2024

Members Weekend: (Meregill Hole and Agyill Caverns)

This week we are off to an absolute classic, Meregill Hole! It's a bit stingy and bit wet but 100% worth the trip. Then to top it off Sundays trip is to Agyill Caverns a cave not often visited. Bring yourself on the Friday night along with a fine selection of cured meats and some well aged red wine , it's shaping up to be a good one.

June 8th 2024

Extra trip: Ingleborough show cave (past the show cave)

Water, neoprene and generally soggy conditions are the general theme of this Saturday's trip, assuming good weather we are heading to the wet wallowy reaches of Ingleborough Cave. Numbers are limited to 10 and we need to be in the cave by 9:30am. Please sign up and review the terms and conditions on the forum post.

July 5th - 7th 2024

Members Weekend: (Juniper Gulf and Simpsons Pot pull through)

"Rope glorious Rope! Cave should be full of it!" This inspired quote is the catalyst for a stringy weekend in the Yorkshire dales. Join us for the marvelous Juniper Gulf on the Saturday and top off the weekend with a marvellous bimble down Simpsons Pot on the Sunday. I look forward to seeing you all on the Friday night, bring potatoes themed snacks this weekend to power yourself for all the prussiking.

July 12th - 14th 2024

NPC Lakes meet: Gillside Campsite, Ullswater

Tents? Sleeping bags, cavers? This can only mean one thing! It's the NPC lakes meet. Join us for a weekend walking in the glorious lake District. IMPORTANT: being a big boy/girl you are responsible for booking your own space at the campsite. 017684 82346 Bring waterproofs ect. and get ready for a couple of nights drinking the local ales and enjoying the ambience.

August 2nd 2024

Members weekend: (Dow Cave to Providence Pot + Something easier on the Sunday)

You are cordially invited to a classic Saturday of caving in Dow Cave and Providence Pot. If enough knowledgeable cavers can be acquired for this trip it will be an exchange, failing this it will be a recon mission into Dow Cave. The Sunday is reserved for something easier, maybe jingling, maybe sunset, maybe bull pot of the witches. Which one you ask! There is only one way to find out, turn up on Friday night and cast your vote for the Sunday trip. See you all Friday night, bring cake 🍰 and nibbles.

Our events

NPC run regular events all through the year. The first weekend of the month is a members weekend and it's the best time to come along and meet the most people, especially if you're thinking of joining the club.

Some caving trips are scheduled, however we encourage members to make their own plans depending on the weather and abilities of members.