07 May 2023

Little Hull Pot on a Sunday (07/05/2023)

Darren Jarvis

Attendees: Me (darren), Dave H, Mark R, Rachel F, Andy P, Lumens, Jean B
Weather: Sunny 

A new cave for most of us was decided on for today, little hull pot is advertised as being "A magnificent and under-appreciated Yorkshire pothole with a fabulous main pitch" I would agree but their is so much more to this little gem of a pothole. 

An efficient start saw us arriving at Bradford to pick up Jean (shoutout to the BPC for letting us park there) and off we went up the long walk towards penyghent gill in gorgeous sunshine. 

The cave was located with pinpoint accuracy and Lumens heroically led the way to rig, the entrance crawl and stream way is easy and the first pitch is quickly reached. A quirky and exposed affair leading down through a window and onto an exposed traverse (fair play for rigging this scary spot). We were quickly down in what I believe were very low water conditions. 

The next pitch is soon reached however after a bolt finding snafu we realised we had forgone the traverse and heading straight down this 40m pitch. Due to poor bolt placement (possibly outdated with modern srt) this had to be rigged rather tightly... that would be fun getting off on the return said I. Rachel to the rescue with some clever rejigging and the provision of a sling to assist on the retun. This is a truly excellent pitch down a stunning shaft, one can only imagine the vertical situation from the higher level take off and we definitely need a return to attempt this route. In low water the direct route was fine and we were all soon at the bottom if the expansive shaft 

The cave turns horizontal for a bit at this point, I was shocked... the passage leads through some walking and crawling to a choice of routes, left through a duck, right through a squeeze. Lumens chose to keep dry and got through, Andy followed but had to turn back and get wet. I believe everyone else wet through the duck, except Jean who having being soaked the day before turned around at this point (the wisest of us all) 

The cave follows to some confusion as to the way of, there is some insitu tat leading up to a traverse or you can just follow the stream, originally me and Lumens followed the stream eventually leading to too tight streamway and an aquard climb up, we shouted back to Rachel and the others to take the rope up which she seemed most pleased with the prospect of a traverse 

The third (and as it turned out final) pitch was then located, a simple affair if slightly loose at the top. This led to the first sump, however the day was not over as their is a chimney climb leading to a flat out crawl and then the true final sump in a very nice chambLumenser. Me, andy and Lumens got to the bitter end which the others began the journey out at the first sump chimney climb. Somehow we had missed a pitch and brought a 15m all the down for extra fun, oh well. 

Wet, cold and a trip which had taken longer than we all thought meant it was time to get out, I de-rigged the bottom pitch and then Andy de-rigged the rest efficiently passing the tackle between us allso everyone got a turn carrying some rope 

I don't believe their was any drama on the way out (except for some tackle bag faf on the first) and we were all soon united on a sunny afternoon happy with a job well done 

So a great varied and overlooked pot hole, excellent vertical situations, nice streamway and a good sense of journey to be had. Not a place to be in the damp though 

Go do it (on a nice day)

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