19 July 2022

Felix Trombe, Haute Garonne - July '23

Gareth Sewell (Sweeny)

If anyone is interested, Howard Clarke & myself will be at the Felix Trombe in July '23. Trombe is France's longest known cave sytem at 90+km, 13th longest known system in the world, approx: 30 entrances, 1000m deep. We've been several times before (1st visited it in 1979 or 80 with the WRPC plus  Harvey Lomas then, I think, a NPC member?) normally staying at either Gite de Paloumere, commune owned accomadtion, from where you can walk to several of the cave entrances, but formal campsite options (plus also other gites: we've stayed in the Mairies gite on a couple of ocassions, camped wild in the woods near the Mile, bivvied in the Pene  Blanque entrance) within short driving distance if Paloumere booked up. We'll be there  8/7/23 - 22/7/23 but also caving in the weeks either side & I'll be there for at least 4 weeks.  It's fantastic system with a superb, sporting streamway, numerous long & short through trips options etc. Personally I love the area & the caving but speak to Clive Westlake for his take as I know he also visited a few years back. 




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