Covid-19 Requirements

Camping or staying in the cottage?

The club has space for one household inside of the cottage and two outside; those outside camping will not have access to the cottage apart from for toilet and water needs (this does not include access to the kitchen). Access for campers is via the back door using the key in the key safe only where there is access to one toilet, the gear sink and power by the back door. Campers must not enter any other part of the building. Return the key after each use.

Bookings are made on a first come first served basis.

Before making a booking

Before making a booking please ensure that the following conditions are met by your household.

  1. The only people that will be staying are part of your household as defined by the government (
  2. You have or can acquire the contact information of all those in your household's booking.
  3. You are not trying to book within 72 hours of another booking.
  4. Your booking will be paid for via bank transfer.

Contracted Covid-19?

If you or anyone you have been in contact with in your household has contracted Covid-19 within 3 days of your stay, please follow the government's advice and contact test and trace THEN please contact the booking secretary - This will allow us to comply with the government's recommendations at the cottage.

Contact information

Ensure that all members of your part have been provided contact details; should this not be the case please ask them to use the following link to provide the required information:

When entering or leaving the cottage

Please use the provided hand sanitiser or wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds every time you enter or leave the cottage.

Social distancing

Social distancing is not required for members of the same household, but is required if anyone outside of the household is accessing the gear store. Social distancing should also be practised if anyone staying outside of the cottage in tents/campervan is accessing the cottage for any reason.

Cleaning and contaminated surfaces

  1. Hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies will be located throughout the cottage and must be used regularly e.g upon entering / exiting the cottage or before touching one’s face.
  2. PLEASE USE SUPPLIED CLEANING SUPPLIES AND CLEAN ALL SURFACES TOUCHED; this includes door knobs/handles, light switches, toilet seats, work surface and any other surface that has been touched during your households stay.
    NOTE: This MUST be completed before your household leaves for the last time.
  3. If cleaning supplies ect. are running low please contact the Hut Warden -
  4. Please ensure that a deep clean is conducted when you leave for the last time.

Showers, toilets, library and drying room

The showers and drying room are only available to those staying at the cottage.

One toilet is assigned to campers and one for cottage residents (clearly signed).

The kitchen is for use of the cottage residents only.

The Library is unfortunately closed until further notice as it is currently in use a s a temporary store for new bunks. We hope to re-open it fairly soon.

Borrowing Gear?

If you are a member you can borrow club gear from the tackle store, with a few additional safety steps. These additional steps are explained on the posters in/on the tackle store and the link below.

Access to the gear store is only via the back door using the key in the key safe. If you don't know the code, please contact the cottage warden -

Note: If someone outside of your household is accessing the gear store please maintain social distancing and follow government guidance on face coverings.

Please follow this link ( and fill out the form.