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Members may stay at the cottage at any time and several bunks are always reserved for members. Guest clubs can typically book up for up to 25 people, other than on the first weekend of the month or Bank Holiday weekends when additional beds are reserved for members. Please apply sufficiently far in advance to ensure a booking.  You must wait for a reply from the Cottage Booking Secretary before staying at the cottage.

The club does not usually consider that anyone under the age of 15 should stay at Greenclose. It is essential that anyone contemplating staying with children (i.e. those under 18) discuss this with the Booking Secretary prior to booking.  This can be done via the contact page.


£5 per night for members and £8 for guests.

A day use fee of £1 applies to those not staying at the hut but using showers, kitchen and hut facilities etc.


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Number in brackets is number of beds allocated.

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    The data entered above will not be passed to any third party. We hold your personal information (name, email, phone number and address) for a period of one year from the date of booking to administer cottage booking records. If you would prefer your personal data to be removed immediately following your booking, please contact the booking secretary. We won't use your details to contact you other than directly about your stay at the cottage.