Northern Pennine Club

Meets List

Meet at Greenclose before 10am unless otherwise stated. Please note all trips subject to weather conditions and water levels. The latest forecast from the Met Office can be found here.

Latest rainfall info for the Dales can be found on the viz bot page of the CDG website.
Trip Date Organiser
Rowten Pot 07.01.17
Magnetometer Pot 01.04.17
Washfold Pot 02.04.17
Bar Pot/Marilyn - Gaping Gill 14.04.17
Large Pot 15.04.17
Swinsto/Simpson's 16.04.17
Hurnell Moss Pot 17.04.17
Ireby Fell Caverns/New Rift Pot 29.04.17
Yockenthwaite Pot/Hagg Gill 30.04.17
Diccan/Alum Pot exchange 01.05.17
Black Shiver/Heron 06.05.17
Yordas Pot 07.05.17
NPC Family meet at Greenclose 20/21.05.17
Pool Sink/County Pot 27.05.17
Mere Gill Hole 28.05.17
GG Winch Meet 29.05.17
Long Kin West 26.08.17
New Rift Pot 27.08.17
Hardrawkin 28.08.17
Lancaster/County 02.09.17
Sunset Hole 03.09.17
King Pot 16.09.17
Aquamole 17.09.17
Cottage Maintenance 07.10.17
Family Meet 21.10.17
Flood/Stream GG 04.11.17
Mendips 18.10.17
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